Texas Holdem Poker – Playing For a Living – What Are The Pros And Cons?

It is safe to say that you are extremely prepared to play poker professionally?

How about we consider this for a moment.

You will PLAY a game for your entire wage. It is positively possible, yet you need to truly take a gander at your past play.

How could you handle when you had a major win? Did you promptly hop up in stakes? Did you contribute your rewards? What did you do?

All the more vitally, how could you manage a BIG LOSS. When you didn’t trade out 10 straight competitions how could you handle yourself? Did you climb or down in stakes?

In the event that you can’t be straightforward with how you have truly responded to all over swings then you are not prepared to be an expert poker player.

On the off chance that you will play poker online professionally you will appreciate an awesome measure of advantages that you couldn’t appreciate by playing in a live casino including:

– Nobody at the table endeavoring to scare you

– No sitting tight for a considerable length of time for a table. There is ALWAYS an open game prepared

– No gas, auto, any costs included while voyaging

– Don’t need to tip the merchant (this is colossal!!)

– The house take (rake) is much lower (another enormous one)

So on the off chance that you are extremely going to attempt to bring home the bacon in poker then you should considering kicking your profession off in online poker.

I prescribe that you read numerous aides, book, and even contract a mentor or tutor before you choose to roll out the improvement.

I for one rolled out the improvement 2 years prior in the wake of hitting a multi-table competition money and haven’t thought back since. I am in the best 20% of yearly salary for my city and I live serenely.

I could go on a multi month losing streak and it wouldn’t impact my way of life one piece.

I am additionally not hitched, with the goal that aides excessively 🙂

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